AMETVS - Association des Manufacturiers d'Équipements de Transport et de Véhicules Spéciaux

Type of business : The Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association


About :
AMETVS: the reference resource for the Quebec industry of transport vehicles manufacturers.

The Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association was founded in 2000, following the government's decision to provide the ground transport equipment industry with a group of manufacturers of components and equipment parts aimed at developing the industry.

The AMETVS regroups over 350 members and is the reference resource for the manufacturing industry of ground transport in Québec. They all have expertise related to the manufacturing of transport vehicles:

* Specialty vehicles
* Powersports vehicles
* Work truck
* Rail equipment
* Defence and security
* Public transit
* And other transportation vehicles

Members of the AMETVS offer a wide range of expertise, products and services just as diversified as the transport industry.

Members are from the manufacturing sector:

* Original manufacturers
* Sub-assembly manufacturers
* Suppliers of components and equipment parts for transport

And from the services sector:

* Economic and political stakeholders
* Research centers
* Other support organizations

Services :
The mission of the AMETVS: be the leader and spokesperson of the transport industry.

The AMETVS is a business network supporting the economic development of its members. Given the globalization context, the AMETVS – as a leader and spokesperson for the industry -- facilitates interactions among deciders by playing a key influential role with decision makers (OEMs) and provides access to services of the private and public sectors on behalf of the members it represents.

Through innovative action that focuses on interregional and international networking, the AMETVS gives a real boost to economic development. As a true strategic business platform, the AMETVS offers a variety of services and anticipates members’ needs.

The values of the AMETVS: a line of conduct in exercising its functions.


Wouldn’t you like to be part of the only group of businesses in Québec that is specifically focussed on developing the industry of transport equipment? Nothing could be easier. Join us now!

The expertise of the AMETVS: be a forefront partner to develop Québec and Canadian markets.

The AMETVS has a great knowledge of international markets. It can easily help manufacturers of transportation equipment to sell their products and does so by organizing:

* Activities of international scope
* Export consortiums
* Trade missions outside Québec

The AMETVS keeps regular contact with several economic development organizations all around the world:

* United States
* Mexico
* France
* England
* Russia

Speed-Parts member since : 10 years

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